Virtual CRO

Working with The Harte Group enables your company to move products through development more quickly, with more creativity, efficiency and accountability.

For years, Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical-device companies have used traditional Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) for R&D support and clinical trial outsourcing. But they are built to handle blockbuster drugs and large trials, which require tremendous overhead.

Today, companies have smaller clinical trials and investigator-initiated studies that target specific populations and are overseen by smaller, virtual teams.  We built The Harte Group for today’s leaner biotech and pharma companies and today’s faster and more focused clinical trials. Because our CRO is virtual, we don’t have teams waiting around when not needed, reducing overhead.

Yet we offer all the features, functions and services of a full-function CRO.  We have a network of more than 140 companies, each with years of experience and specific expertise — with at least three functional service providers for any clinical study requirement. Many of these providers offer expertise that cannot be found anywhere else, often helping you avoid costly mistakes. Traditional CROs cannot afford to retain such specific expertise on staff.

The Harte Group also offers greater accountability than traditional CROs. Our providers work on a fixed contract basis, so any out-of-scope work caused by a failure by another team member surfaces quickly and can be dealt with directly.  We use integrated communications and clinical trial project management tools to ensure all team members are working together to meet your goals and give you one point of contact.