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Bringing new drugs to market is an enormous undertaking.

The estimated cost to research and develop a drug is $2.6 Billion and the clinical trial phase alone averages six to seven years. The challenges don’t end there; once a drug hits the clinical trial phase, there is an 80% chance that the trial will be delayed or closed because of problems with patient recruitment, and 9 out of 10 trials require the original timeline to be doubled in order to meet enrollment goals. The problem is lack of execution between the pharmaceutical companies and the large contract research organizations (CRO’s) that manage the trials.

To be fair, neither party is at fault. The pharmaceutical companies assign researchers who sometimes lack the necessary experience or have numerous other priorities to manage drug trials and the CRO’s financial model incentivizes them when trials don’t meet timelines or enrollment goals. The solution is Harte Group. Harte Group executes. Harte Group bridges the gap between the pharmaceutical company and the CRO. And as an advocate for the drug company, we keep projects on track.

Harte Group provides the critical services of Vendor Oversight, Clinical Operations Team Support, and Patient Recruitment & Site Management. We partner with the client’s internal team, supplementing their resources and assisting them to meet their timeline and budget goals. Harte Group is a team of customer service oriented, industry experts who understand the processes as well as the details of the challenge and they deliver results. Mike Harte leads the team and has a network of resources at his disposal to provide the solutions necessary to get the job done. Mike leverages his background in construction and acts like a general contractor, coordinating complex processes and resources with precision and urgency.

Our Founder, Mike Harte

Mike Harte has more than 20 years of experience in the CRO services industry. Through his work with two traditional global CRO services companies, Harte excelled at exploiting the sponsor/vendor interface, ensuring that expectations of services and communication channels were established, leading to many years of services support for its company’s clients.

Seeing the newer trends evolve, Harte was a co-founder of one of the first electronic data collection (EDC) companies in the industry, and helped to steer the company and its clients to push the boundaries of simple data collection to an integrated platform that allowed clients to effectively use the information to effectively manage their internal and external resources.

Harte founded The Harte Group in 2008 with other like-minded industry executives who have an average of 24 years experience to assist companies who are implementing a virtual solution to their drug development challenges.

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